Caring for People with Neurodiversity
BEE MINDFUL® is a program for people with special needs in healthcare that individualizes care and provides a safe place for healing and wellness.
  • Why is the BEE MINDFUL® Needed?
    • People with special needs require medical care like all people
    • Medical environments are often the antithesis for the promotion of healing and wellness with population
    • This can lead to delays in procedures, test and treatments
    • Literature supports that the use of traditional healthcare approach for these people often results in aversions to future medical care.
    • Many families avoid or wait to seek medical treatment due to these poor experiences.
  • The BEE MINDFUL® Program Provides:
    • Education to all staff on the unique needs of people with special needs and how we can improve the care we provide.
    • Patient Neurobehavioral Assessment tool (PNAT)- An assessment and intervention tool that individualizes and provides continuity care.
    • Signage for situational awareness: The BEE MINDFUL® symbol used to minimize the amount of interruptions to the patient’s room through the clustering of care and ensure individual needs are communicated prior to entering into the persons safe place.
    • BEE PASS- Facilitates an expedited, calm and safe entry into the facility.