The BEE MINDFUL® program was modified to expand into the community setting with the goal of allowing families to enjoy community events as a family unit in a safe supportive environment.

  • The scope of Bee Mindful stretches well beyond the healthcare setting. To date, Bee Mindful has raised awareness at numerous event venues such as Jones Beach Theater and the Queens County Farm Museum. Three Bee Mindful sensory rooms were recently built at UBS Arena to give people with special needs a quiet, safe space to relax. Outreach plays an important role in spreading Bee Mindful throughout the community, and we’re always looking to expand the program and support our community.

    • Sensory rooms outfitted with hospital-grade best-practice equipment

    • In-person education to facility team members

    • Bee Pass entry and Sensory cart

    • Community-modified Neurobehavioral Assessment tool

    • UBS Arena Designed 3 identical sensory rooms to meet emotional, social, and physiological needs. Rooms featured on CBS, News 12, and Newsday

    • Jones Beach Theater Integration of Bee Mindful sensory bags coupled with a calming sensory room

    • Queens County Farm Largest apiary in NYC